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Have had a wonderful time at OzCHI ’10 in Brisbane, Australia meeting people and presenting two papers:

Designing Technology for Active Spectator Experiences at Sporting Events

This paper explores the active spectator experience at sporting events, by presenting and reflecting upon a design experiment carried out at a number of football events. The initial hypothesis of the design process, leading to the design experiment has been that the spectator experience is not merely an experience of receiving and consuming entertainment. It is also heavily reliant on the active participation of the spectator in creating the atmosphere of the entire event. The BannerBattle experiment provides interactive technology in sport arenas with a form of interaction based on existing behaviour in the context. The work presented also argues for a need to overcome the inclination to designing technological systems that imitate or compete with the experience of watching the television broadcast of the game. Experiments such as the presented BannerBattle are cornerstones in our exploratory research-through-design approach to designing technologies for social experiences.

Ludvigsen, M. & Veerasawmy, R. (2010). Designing Technology for Active Spectator Experiences at Sporting Events. Paper presented at OzCHI 2010, Brisbane, Australien, p. 96-103.

Participatory Design at the Museum – inquiring into children’s everyday engagement in cultural heritage

We address the challenge of creating intersections between children’s everyday engagement and museum exhibitions. Specifically, we propose an approach to participatory design inquiry where children’s everyday engagement is taken as the point of departure. We base our discussion on a design workshop “Gaming the Museum” where a primary school class was invited to participate in exploring future exhibition spaces for a museum, based on their everyday use of computer games and online communities. We reflect on the results of the workshop, and broadly discuss the everyday engagement of children as point of departure for designing interactive museum exhibitions.

Dindler, C., Iversen, O. S., Smith, R. C., & Veerasawmy, R. (2010). Participatory Design at the Museum – inquiring into children’s everyday engagement in cultural heritage. Paper presented at OzCHI, Brisbane, Australien, p. 72-79.

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