Danish Human-Computer Interaction Research Symposium 2009

I have just participated in the 9th Danish HCI Research Symposium 2009 in Aarhus, Denmark. Where I presented my short paper “Designing technology for spectator experience – beyond the passive spectator”.

In this paper I will argue that if we are to design technology for engaging spectator experiences at sporting events in sports arenas, we need to focus beyond the spectators fascination of the sport. We also need to embrace the social elements of the spectator experience and the sporting event itself in order to design meaningful technology for engaging spectator experiences. Today, most technological systems at sporting events aim at augmenting the activities in the game on large displays. But, as I will argue, if we are to design technology for engaging spectator experiences at sporting events, we must acknowledge the spectators as active participants and present technology-mediated opportunities that allow spectators to share and express their collective and social experience of the sport and sporting event. My argument will be based on a series of ethnographically inspired field studies, conducted at football and handball games, as well as on a participatory design workshop with sports fans.

The paper and the full proceedings should hopefully very soon be available at SIGCHI.dk.

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